Masha Dubravin

Pianist | Piano Lessons

I’ve never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deceptions life may have in store for you, music itself is not going to let you down.

Virgil Thomson


I’m really happy with the results and the progress of my 8 year old daughter. The great teaching techniques combined with the right approach to teaching the kids about the “other” kind of music foreign to their ears produce wonderful results. But most of all I’m happy about the enthusiasm my daughter shows while practicing or going to the lessons. Thank you, Masha.

Dan Kogan

Masha has a lot of patience and always encourages my son to practice. She inspired him to have more appreciation for classical music.

Jennifer S.

Masha is a wonderful teacher. She has amazing patience and superior teaching skills. She knows how to encourage child and then wait for the child’s commitment. Every year, we are looking forward to the year-end recital to celebrate children’s achievements. It is always a significant event for all students and their families.
Thank you, Masha.

A. Peysakhova

My Recordings:

J.S. Bach

Prelude and Fugue in G major. Volume II

S. Prokofiev

Sonata #3 in A minor

L.V. Beethoven

Sonata #31 in A flat major, op. 110

R. Schumann

Novelette #8 in F sharp minor, op. 21